Over the past few years, Bishara has made over 50 appearances on US radio. In February 2017, Bishara made his first appearance on NPR as an NBA analyst. Below are links to some of the most recent segments:

Radio Shows / podcasts 

Spicer Speaking podcast about Athletes Who Rock! and other works (June 2022)

The Douglas Coleman Show videocast about Athletes Who Rock! (April 2022)

Beyond the Game videodcast about Athletes Who Rock! (March 2022) 

Book Place Media videocast about Athletes Who Rock! (March 2022)

Irish Radio interview about When the Sheikh Met the King (October 2021)

On The Last Dance (Michael Jordan documentary) and the restart of the NBA season (BIG E Show, May 2020)

On Kobe Bryant's legacy in the aftermath of his untimely death / Love Sport Radio (Jan 2020) 

How Ozil and Arsenal's stances on the Uyghur population in China relate to the NBA Hong Kong situation / Love Sport Radio (Dec 2019)

NBA free agency floodgates + Colin Kaepernick-Nike Betsy Ross Shoe scandal / Love Sport Radio (July 2019)

NBA Finals recap -- how Toronto changed basketball globally for good / Love Sport Radio (June 2019)

Warriors win Game 5 of NBA Finals, lose Kevin Durant for a year ... or forever / Love Sport Radio (June 2019)

Hoop Dreams 25th Anniversary discussion & NBA playoff picture / SB Nation Radio ( May 2019)

NBA: What's going on with LeBron and the Lakers? / SB Nation Radio (March 2019)

NBA Draft and Free agency moves / SB Nation Radio (July 2017)

NBA mid-season breakdown and All-Star Weekend preview P1 / SB Nation Radio (Feb 2017)

NBA mid-season breakdown and All-Star Weekend preview P2 / SB Nation Radio (Feb 2017)

Ahead Of NBA All-Star Weekend, Looking At The Fashion-Forward Players / NPR Weekend Edition (Feb, 2017)

Should NBA teams rest players? And NBA report cards / SB Nation Radio (Dec 2016)

2016 NBA season preview: Big E Sports Show / SB Nation Radio (October, 2016)

Olympic basketball segment: Big E Sports Show / SB Nation Radio (August, 2016)

NBA Finals preview / Kobe Bryant's retirement:  Big E Sports Show /  Yahoo Sports Radio (June, 2016)

NBA mid-season analysis: Big E Sports Show / Yahoo Sports Radio (Feb, 2016)

Donald Sterling controversy analysis: Big E Sports Show / Yahoo Sports Radio (May, 2014)

Discussing Beating the NBA on The Pat Williams Show (Nov, 2013)

Talking Beating the NBA on Fred Whallin Sports Overnight America Show (July, 2013)

The Culture Report with Rob Sachs (June, 2013)

Celebrity Interviews

Dick Vitale preview of 2017 NCAA Tournament (March, 2017)

Chris Bosh interview for a profile on NBA fashion (CNN, Dec, 2015)

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